Course Title: Six Sigma White Belt
Course Number: SSYB
Duration: 1 Day
Credits: 8
Cost: $599

Six Sigma White Belt Training Overview

Six Sigma White Belt Training provides you with fundamental understanding of Lean Six Sigma including team member’s roles, process improvement, variability and effects on process performance. This class is taught in an interactive Live-On Line format.

LSS White Belt Training is 4 hours and includes:

  • LSS Methods Overview
  • LSS Positioning Roles
  • Introduction to Variability

All Lean Six Sigma White Belt students will have an introduction to the tools and methods used to:

  • Acquire a basic understanding of Six Sigma and Lean
  • Obtain knowledge about the DMAIC process (Six Sigma structure) and their roles
  • Specific DMAIC processes including: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control
  • Reducing resources and waste while augmenting satisfaction among customers

Students in this workshop are typically resources that lend support to process improvement projects, as either a Project Leader or Team Member.

Online Lean Six Sigma White Belt Webinars

The session will be provided to you live via one of our real-world Master Black Belts. This seminar will be interactive, providing each student with the opportunity to ask questions as the course moves forward. This online seminar is four hours long and talks about the philosophies the history, the techniques and tools of Six Sigma and Lean in a language that is able to be understood by all in attendance.

This overview is really ideal for:

  • Leaders thinking about moving on with Six Sigma or Lean strategy or both
  • Branches or organizations that have been put in charge with employment but ones that simply do not have a grasp or good knowledge with regards to Six Sigma and/or Lean
  • Administrators worried about the status quo and want to examine choices involving enhancement of productivity, performance improvement and structured change.
  • This platform is also excellent to act as a primer for possibly all employees in the company to comprehend the methods that their organization is embarking on.