Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Classes

Our 4 Day Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Boot Camp provides a quick and convenient approach to Six Sigma Green Belt certification. You’ll learn from top expert practitioners and gain the knowledge needed to pass the Six Sigma Green Belt exam.

Get Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, Guaranteed!

Industry leading 98% pass rate

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is the goal, our Boot Camp is how you get there. You’ll learn the critical project management concepts, principles and techniques needed to pass the Six Sigma Green Belt exam on your first attempt.

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Exam Pass Guarantee

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Why take a Six Sigma Green Belt Boot Camp?

Once you’ve determined that Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is the next step in your career, your focus should turn from “Should I do it?” to “How do I do it?” Our Six Sigma Green Belt Boot Camp is an accelerated, guaranteed path to achieving to becoming Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. This comprehensive course covers every subject that you need to know to pass the exam as well as in depth test taking strategies. You will spend time learning about the core concepts of the project management framework and advanced methods of cost, schedule and risk management. During the course, you will take realistic mock exams to help prepare you. Having that experience means less stress during the real exam. A classroom environment, with a group of your peers increases your aptitude and can help build and maintain your motivation to finish your goal.

The Six Sigma Green Belt exam is tough.

We are with you every step of the way.

No matter what you may read, the truth is that there is no easy path when it comes to Six Sigma Green Belt exam readiness. Most students need 3-6 weeks of study before they’re ready to sit for the exam. What’s true of most, of course, isn’t true for all: some applicants will fall onto either side of that average, and a full 50% will never sit for the exam at all.

  • Application assistance
  • Readiness roadmap
  • Postclass support
  • Complete study resource


What you’ll learn

  • Identify and overcome knowledge gaps
  • Guidance for Application process
  • Increase comfort and ability with Six Sigma Green Belt Exam questions
  • Learn useful tips and tricks to increase comprehension
  • Learn and apply critical test-taking strategies
  • Apply real-world project management concepts
  • Complete Six Sigma Green Belt Certification preparedness

What’s included

  • Comprehensive Pre-Class Study Guide
  • Satisfies the required 35 contact hours
  • Online Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Simulator
  • 1000+ Practice Questions
  • In-Class Exercises
  • 100% Exam Pass Guarantee
  • Lunch and Snacks Provided During Class

Interested in an Online Class?

We offer online training delivered live by an expert instructor via webinar. All of our online certification courses offer the same curriculum as our face to face classes, but from the comfort and convenience of your home.

We Love Our Customers

See What Our Students Have to Say

Nate was a great instructor and really made the material accessible. The boot camp provided a ton of information, but was not overwhelming. I definitely feel well prepared for the exam after this course

Courtney M.

My instructor did a good job of delivering the Project Management Professional course material. His personal insights were helpful to the class and kept the class focused on preparing for the PMP test. 

Justin S.

Why Choose Us for Your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training?

When choosing a training provider for your Six Sigma Green Belt certification, please consider, not all Six Sigma Green Belt courses are the same. The quality of instruction in Six Sigma Green Belt exam prep courses can vary significantly. Many courses do not fully prepare you for the exam, instead offering you a roadmap of what you need to learn on your own. When investing in your career you should never sacrifice quality for cost. If you review the key decision factors, we believe you will find Certification Academy provides the best value. We blend proven learning concepts with simple memorization techniques to make sure you are able to keep the vast amount of information we cover organized and memorable. Our Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Prep Boot Camp is an accelerated, guaranteed path to achieving your Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Here are a few more key reasons to join our class:



Our team of seasoned instructors is among the largest in the country with notable Project Management experience. They are experienced trainers who employ proven adult learning practices and straightforward internalization techniques to build engagement, motivation, and increase recall.

Thought Leadership

Our Courses have been uniquely developed to ensure a high degree of correlation between the subject matter and the proficiency examinations. Our Courses use problem-based and collaborative approaches to learning. We emphasize more equality and connection between the instructor and learner.

Proven Results

Our Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Prep Boot Camp gets you ready Faster, Better and with More Support along the way. 98% of our students pass the exam the First Time they take it!

Rated 4.85/5 based on 1465 reviews

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Firm Course Dates

When you register for one of our classes, you are guaranteed it will run as scheduled. You can focus on your training and certification, and not worry about cancellations or delays.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We know your Six Sigma Green Belt certification training is an important milestone in your career. We understand the value you place in spending your time and money wisely. That’s why we back up all of our courses with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’ve looked at even one other Six Sigma Green Belt Boot Camp website, you know that a money-back guarantee is a standard fare for courses like this. All guarantees are not created equal, though. We don’t want to hide small print behind big promises: we want you to know, precisely, what our guarantee does and doesn’t cover so you can make an informed decision.

Meet Your Instructors

Nathan K.

Nathan K.

Senior Instructor

“Students success is at the heart of our curriculum. Knowing what to expect on the exam and what to focus on is critical.”

Don S.

Don S.

Senior Instructor

“I’ve taught PMP Certification for 15 years and I’m still always excited to get a message from a successful student.”

Lynn K.

Lynn K.

Agile Instructor

“Students success is at the heart of our curriculum. Knowing what to expect on the exam and what to focus on is critical.”

Upcoming Six Sigma Green Belt Training Class Schedule

MarylandRockvilleRockville - DowntownApr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
FloridaMiamiMiami - BrickellApr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
Central TimeLive - OnlineRemote - From AnywhereApr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
MarylandColumbiaColumbia - Town CenterApr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
Apr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
Apr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
Apr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
Apr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
Apr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
Apr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
Apr 19th - Apr 23rd$2,899
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix - Camelback CommonsMay 3rd - May 7th$2,899
Eastern TimeLive - OnlineVirtual ClassroomMay 3rd - May 7th$2,899
North CarolinaCharlotteCharlotte - WhiteoakMay 3rd - May 7th$2,899
IllinoisSchaumburgSchaumburgMay 10th - May 14th$2,899
MOKansas CityKansas CityMay 10th - May 14th$2,899
MinnesotaMinneapolisMinneapolis - DowntownMay 10th - May 14th$2,899
MissouriClaytonSt. Louis - ClaytonMay 10th - May 14th$2,899
TennesseeNashvilleNashville - DowntownMay 10th - May 14th$2,899
MarylandRockvilleRockville - DowntownMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
IndianaIndianapolisIndianapolisMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
MassachusettsWalthamWalthamMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
MichiganSouthfieldDetroit - SouthfieldMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
New JerseyEast BrunswickEdison - New BrunswickMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
New YorkNew YorkNYC - Midtown ManhattanMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
OhioCincinnatiCincinnati - DowntownMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
OhioClevelandCleveland - City CenterMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia - DowntownMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
PennsylvaniaPittsburghPittsburgh - DowntownMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
Central TimeLive - OnlineRemote - From AnywhereMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
DCWashingtonDowntown DCMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
MarylandColumbiaColumbia - Town CenterMay 17th - May 21st$2,899
May 17th - May 21st$2,899
May 17th - May 21st$2,899
IllinoisChicagoChicago - Loop DowntownMay 24th - May 28th$2,899
CaliforniaSan FranciscoSan Francisco - WWGGMay 31st - Jun 4th$2,899
CaliforniaLos AngelesDowntown Los AngelesMay 31st - Jun 4th$2,899
CaliforniaSan DiegoSan DiegoMay 31st - Jun 4th$2,899
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix - Camelback CommonsMay 31st - Jun 4th$2,899
CaliforniaSan JoseSan Jose - Mountain ViewMay 31st - Jun 4th$2,899
Eastern TimeLive - OnlineVirtual ClassroomMay 31st - Jun 4th$2,899
ColoradoDenverDenver DowntownMay 31st - Jun 4th$2,899
WashingtonSeattleSeattle - DowntownMay 31st - Jun 4th$2,899
FloridaMiamiMiami - BrickellJun 14th - Jun 18th$2,899
Central TimeLive - OnlineRemote - From AnywhereJun 14th - Jun 18th$2,899
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix - Camelback CommonsJun 28th - Jul 2nd$2,899
Eastern TimeLive - OnlineVirtual ClassroomJun 28th - Jul 2nd$2,899
North CarolinaCharlotteCharlotte - WhiteoakJun 28th - Jul 2nd$2,899
IllinoisSchaumburgSchaumburgJul 5th - Jul 9th$2,899
MOKansas CityKansas CityJul 5th - Jul 9th$2,899
MinnesotaMinneapolisMinneapolis - DowntownJul 5th - Jul 9th$2,899
MissouriClaytonSt. Louis - ClaytonJul 5th - Jul 9th$2,899
TennesseeNashvilleNashville - DowntownJul 5th - Jul 9th$2,899
IndianaIndianapolisIndianapolisJul 12th - Jul 16th$2,899
MassachusettsWalthamWalthamJul 12th - Jul 16th$2,899
MichiganSouthfieldDetroit - SouthfieldJul 12th - Jul 16th$2,899
New JerseyEast BrunswickEdison - New BrunswickJul 12th - Jul 16th$2,899
New YorkNew YorkNYC - Midtown ManhattanJul 12th - Jul 16th$2,899
OhioCincinnatiCincinnati - DowntownJul 12th - Jul 16th$2,899
OhioClevelandCleveland - City CenterJul 12th - Jul 16th$2,899
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia - DowntownJul 12th - Jul 16th$2,899
PennsylvaniaPittsburghPittsburgh - DowntownJul 12th - Jul 16th$2,899
IllinoisChicagoChicago - Loop DowntownJul 19th - Jul 23rd$2,899
CaliforniaSan FranciscoSan Francisco - WWGGJul 26th - Jul 30th$2,899
CaliforniaLos AngelesDowntown Los AngelesJul 26th - Jul 30th$2,899
CaliforniaSan DiegoSan DiegoJul 26th - Jul 30th$2,899
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix - Camelback CommonsJul 26th - Jul 30th$2,899
CaliforniaSan JoseSan Jose - Mountain ViewJul 26th - Jul 30th$2,899
ColoradoDenverDenver DowntownJul 26th - Jul 30th$2,899
WashingtonSeattleSeattle - DowntownJul 26th - Jul 30th$2,899
FloridaMiamiMiami - BrickellAug 9th - Aug 13th$2,899
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix - Camelback CommonsAug 23rd - Aug 27th$2,899
North CarolinaCharlotteCharlotte - WhiteoakAug 23rd - Aug 27th$2,899
IllinoisSchaumburgSchaumburgAug 30th - Sep 3rd$2,899
MOKansas CityKansas CityAug 30th - Sep 3rd$2,899
MinnesotaMinneapolisMinneapolis - DowntownAug 30th - Sep 3rd$2,899
MissouriClaytonSt. Louis - ClaytonAug 30th - Sep 3rd$2,899
TennesseeNashvilleNashville - DowntownAug 30th - Sep 3rd$2,899
IndianaIndianapolisIndianapolisSep 6th - Sep 10th$2,899
MassachusettsWalthamWalthamSep 6th - Sep 10th$2,899
MichiganSouthfieldDetroit - SouthfieldSep 6th - Sep 10th$2,899
New JerseyEast BrunswickEdison - New BrunswickSep 6th - Sep 10th$2,899
New YorkNew YorkNYC - Midtown ManhattanSep 6th - Sep 10th$2,899
OhioCincinnatiCincinnati - DowntownSep 6th - Sep 10th$2,899
OhioClevelandCleveland - City CenterSep 6th - Sep 10th$2,899
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia - DowntownSep 6th - Sep 10th$2,899
PennsylvaniaPittsburghPittsburgh - DowntownSep 6th - Sep 10th$2,899
CaliforniaSan FranciscoSan Francisco - WWGGSep 20th - Sep 24th$2,899
CaliforniaLos AngelesDowntown Los AngelesSep 20th - Sep 24th$2,899
CaliforniaSan DiegoSan DiegoSep 20th - Sep 24th$2,899
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix - Camelback CommonsSep 20th - Sep 24th$2,899
CaliforniaSan JoseSan Jose - Mountain ViewSep 20th - Sep 24th$2,899
ColoradoDenverDenver DowntownSep 20th - Sep 24th$2,899
WashingtonSeattleSeattle - DowntownSep 20th - Sep 24th$2,899
FloridaMiamiMiami - BrickellOct 4th - Oct 8th$2,899
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix - Camelback CommonsOct 18th - Oct 22nd$2,899
IllinoisSchaumburgSchaumburgOct 25th - Oct 29th$2,899
MOKansas CityKansas CityOct 25th - Oct 29th$2,899
MinnesotaMinneapolisMinneapolis - DowntownOct 25th - Oct 29th$2,899
MissouriClaytonSt. Louis - ClaytonOct 25th - Oct 29th$2,899
TennesseeNashvilleNashville - DowntownOct 25th - Oct 29th$2,899
IndianaIndianapolisIndianapolisNov 1st - Nov 5th$2,899
MassachusettsWalthamWalthamNov 1st - Nov 5th$2,899
MichiganSouthfieldDetroit - SouthfieldNov 1st - Nov 5th$2,899
New JerseyEast BrunswickEdison - New BrunswickNov 1st - Nov 5th$2,899
New YorkNew YorkNYC - Midtown ManhattanNov 1st - Nov 5th$2,899
OhioCincinnatiCincinnati - DowntownNov 1st - Nov 5th$2,899
OhioClevelandCleveland - City CenterNov 1st - Nov 5th$2,899
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia - DowntownNov 1st - Nov 5th$2,899
PennsylvaniaPittsburghPittsburgh - DowntownNov 1st - Nov 5th$2,899
CaliforniaSan FranciscoSan Francisco - WWGGNov 15th - Nov 19th$2,899
CaliforniaLos AngelesDowntown Los AngelesNov 15th - Nov 19th$2,899
CaliforniaSan DiegoSan DiegoNov 15th - Nov 19th$2,899
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix - Camelback CommonsNov 15th - Nov 19th$2,899
CaliforniaSan JoseSan Jose - Mountain ViewNov 15th - Nov 19th$2,899
ColoradoDenverDenver DowntownNov 15th - Nov 19th$2,899
WashingtonSeattleSeattle - DowntownNov 15th - Nov 19th$2,899
FloridaMiamiMiami - BrickellNov 29th - Dec 3rd$2,899
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix - Camelback CommonsDec 13th - Dec 17th$2,899
IllinoisSchaumburgSchaumburgDec 20th - Dec 24th$2,899
MOKansas CityKansas CityDec 20th - Dec 24th$2,899
MinnesotaMinneapolisMinneapolis - DowntownDec 20th - Dec 24th$2,899
MissouriClaytonSt. Louis - ClaytonDec 20th - Dec 24th$2,899
TennesseeNashvilleNashville - DowntownDec 20th - Dec 24th$2,899
IndianaIndianapolisIndianapolisDec 27th - Dec 31st$2,899
MassachusettsWalthamWalthamDec 27th - Dec 31st$2,899
MichiganSouthfieldDetroit - SouthfieldDec 27th - Dec 31st$2,899
New JerseyEast BrunswickEdison - New BrunswickDec 27th - Dec 31st$2,899
New YorkNew YorkNYC - Midtown ManhattanDec 27th - Dec 31st$2,899
OhioCincinnatiCincinnati - DowntownDec 27th - Dec 31st$2,899
OhioClevelandCleveland - City CenterDec 27th - Dec 31st$2,899
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia - DowntownDec 27th - Dec 31st$2,899
PennsylvaniaPittsburghPittsburgh - DowntownDec 27th - Dec 31st$2,899

Benefits of Attending a Six Sigma Green Belt Boot Camp

It doesn’t matter what you’re preparing for; one thing is always true: it’s easier to plan it than to do it. When you spend your days making crucial decisions, your well-laid plans often fall victim to diminished self-discipline by nightfall. Sure, you know you should be studying, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to summon the motivation to do it night after night. An accelerated in-person Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Boot Camp takes the temptation to postpone test prep off of the table and, instead, gives you space to immerse yourself in the materials. Our courses are designed to remove the distractions of your everyday life so you can fully focus your time and attention on the coursework and be exam-ready in less time than if you’d studied on your own

Our 4-day Six Sigma Green Belt Boot Camp gives you more than mere exposure to the fundamentals and concepts on the test. It provides a focused educational experience with a rigorous schedule. Throughout the course, you’ll talk through the concepts and situations with your instructor and peers so you can ground your learning and recall it when you need it.

Interacting with an expert instructor who can translate the language into practical terms helps to ensure you grasp the content and lets you test your understanding. Studying with a group of your peers in a classroom environment can also help build and maintain your motivation for the exam. It’s easy to get distracted and lose focus when you’re alone at your desk with a book. Studying with others who share your goals can help keep you accountable and sustain or stimulate determination.

Your years of practical experience are the most valuable thing you bring to your role. Without them, you wouldn’t be qualified to sit for the Six Sigma Green Belt exam in the first place. Distilling what you know from doing into the foundations and principles on the Six Sigma Green Belt exam, however, can challenge even the most experienced project managers. Your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Instructor will help you connect your experience to the exam materials, putting what you’ve learned on the job into context so you can apply it on the exam.

Your Six Sigma Green Belt Certified trainer is an expert project manager with in depth understanding of the training materials but also in exam readiness. Every student who enrolls in and completes the Certification Academy Six Sigma Green Belt Boot Camp receives one-on-one guidance from their trainer and an individualized learning plan based on their current proficiency and progress towards their education requirements.

One Last Note…

We stand behind our course and methodology. We want you to take the Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam with the confidence and assurance that your investment in our Six Sigma Green Belt Boot Camp has paid off. Deciding to enroll in a 4-Day Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Prep class isn’t a decision you should make without having all of the information. If you can’t find the answers to your questions here, send us an email or give us a call. Our team is always happy to answer questions or provide additional information, whether you’re a student of ours or not.