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Our 4 Day Professional Business Analyst course is a comprehensive boot camp that will prepare you for the PMI-PBA exam and help you make the most of your study time. The course was designed by certified professionals in order to help you focus on the critical areas to study and prepare for the exam.

Get PMI-PBA Certified, Guaranteed!

Industry leading 98% pass rate

PMI-PBA Certification is the goal, a Boot Camp is how you get there. You’ll learn the critical project management concepts, principles and techniques needed to pass the exam on your first attempt.

PMI has clearly stted the value of BA work in the project management world with the introduction of the PBA credential. They have highlighted specific knowledge areas, skills, and published materials which describe the value of business analysis to projects and built the new PMI-PBA certification around them.  The potential benefits of earning your Professional Business Analyst Certification is clear: a higher salary, greater job security, and expanded career options.

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Knowledge Transfer

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Exam Pass Guarantee

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100% Satisfaction

Why take a PMI-PBA Boot Camp?

Once you’ve determined that PMI-PBA Certification is the next step in your career, your focus should turn from “Should I do it?” to “How do I do it?” Our PMI-PBA Boot Camp is an accelerated, guaranteed path to achieving to becoming PMI-PBA Certified. This comprehensive course covers every subject that you need to know to pass the exam, as outlined by PMI, as well as in depth test taking strategies. You will spend time learning about the core concepts of the project management framework and advanced methods of cost, schedule and risk management. During the course, you will take realistic mock exams to help prepare you. Having that experience means less stress during the real exam. A classroom environment, with a group of your peers increases your aptitude and can help build and maintain your motivation to finish your goal.

Who should attend PMI-PBA Training?

A PMI-PBA (Project Management Institute-Professional in Business Analysis) training class is intended for individuals who want to develop their skills in business analysis and become certified as PMI-PBA professionals. This includes business analysts, project managers, product managers, process improvement specialists, and other professionals involved in defining, analyzing, and delivering business solutions. Our training course meets all of the specifications in the PMI-PBA Exam Content Outline (ECO) and is aligned to the PMI Guide to Business Analysis and the Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide. Candidates who want to achieve certification, in a streamlined, managed approach, while maintaining a work-life balance benefit greatly from a structured training class.

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What you’ll learn

  • Identify and overcome knowledge gaps
  • Guidance for Application process
  • Increase comfort and ability with exam questions
  • Learn useful tips and tricks to increase comprehension
  • Learn and apply critical test-taking strategies
  • Apply real-world project management concepts
  • Complete Certification preparedness

What’s included

  • Comprehensive Pre-Class Study Guide
  • Satisfies the required 35 contact hours
  • Online Certification Simulator
  • 1000+ Practice Questions
  • In-Class Exercises
  • 100% Exam Pass Guarantee
  • Lunch and Snacks Provided During Class

Interested in an Online Class?

We offer online training delivered live by an expert instructor via webinar. All of our online certification courses offer the same curriculum as our face to face classes, but from the comfort and convenience of your home.

We Love Our Customers

See What Our Students Have to Say

Nate was a great instructor and really made the material accessible. The boot camp provided a ton of information, but was not overwhelming. I definitely feel well prepared for the exam after this course

Courtney M.

My instructor did a good job of delivering the Project Management Professional course material. His personal insights were helpful to the class and kept the class focused on preparing for the PMP test. 

Justin S.

Why Choose Us for Your PMI-PBA Certification Training?

When choosing a training provider for your PMI-PBA certification, please consider, not all courses are the same. The quality of instruction in exam prep courses can vary significantly. Many courses do not fully prepare you for the exam, instead offering you a roadmap of what you need to learn on your own. When investing in your career you should never sacrifice quality for cost. If you review the key decision factors, we believe you will find Certification Academy provides the best value. We blend proven learning concepts with simple memorization techniques to make sure you are able to keep the vast amount of information we cover organized and memorable. Our PMI-PBA Exam Prep Boot Camp is an accelerated, guaranteed path to achieving your certification.

Here are a few more key reasons to join our class:



Our team of seasoned instructors is among the largest in the country with notable Project Management experience. They are experienced trainers who employ proven adult learning practices and straightforward internalization techniques to build engagement, motivation, and increase recall.

Thought Leadership

Our Courses have been uniquely developed to ensure a high degree of correlation between the subject matter and the proficiency examinations. Our Courses use problem-based and collaborative approaches to learning. We emphasize more equality and connection between the instructor and learner.

Proven Results

Our PMI-PBA Exam Prep Boot Camp gets you ready Faster, Better and with More Support along the way. 98% of our students pass the exam the First Time they take it!

Rated 4.85/5 based on 1465 reviews

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Firm Course Dates

When you register for one of our classes, you can feel confident that it will run as scheduled. We work hard to deliver on our promise to you.

100% Money Back Pass Guarantee

We know your PMP certification training is an important milestone in your career. We understand the value you place in spending your time and money wisely. That’s why we back up all of our courses with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’ve looked at even one other PMP Boot Camp website, you know that a money-back guarantee is a standard fare for courses like this. All guarantees are not created equal, though. We don’t want to hide small print behind big promises: we want you to know, precisely, what our guarantee does and doesn’t cover so you can make an informed decision.

The Professional Business Analyst exam is tough.

We are with you every step of the way.

No matter what you may read, the truth is that there is no easy path when it comes to PMI-PBA exam readiness. Most students need 3-6 weeks of study before they’re ready to sit for the exam. What’s true of most, of course, isn’t true for all: some applicants will fall onto either side of that average, and a full 50% will never sit for the exam at all.

  • Application assistance
  • Readiness roadmap
  • Postclass support
  • Complete study resource


Meet Your Instructors

Nathan K., PMP

Nathan K., PMP

Senior Instructor

“Students success is at the heart of our curriculum. Knowing what to expect on the exam and what to focus on is critical.”

Don S., PMP

Don S., PMP

Senior Instructor

“I’ve taught PMP Certification for 15 years and I’m still always excited to get a message from a successful student.”



Agile Instructor

“Students success is at the heart of our curriculum. Knowing what to expect on the exam and what to focus on is critical.”

Upcoming PMI-PBA Training Class Schedule

State City Location Dates Price Status
Central Time Live - Online Remote - From Anywhere Jun 3rd - Jun 6th $1,899
Central Time Live - Online Remote - From Anywhere Jul 22nd - Jul 25th $1,899
Central Time Live - Online Remote - From Anywhere Sep 16th - Sep 19th $1,899
Central Time Live - Online Remote - From Anywhere Nov 11th - Nov 14th $1,899

Benefits of Attending a PMI-PBA Boot Camp

It doesn’t matter what you’re preparing for; one thing is always true: it’s easier to plan it than to do it. When you spend your days making crucial decisions, your well-laid plans often fall victim to diminished self-discipline by nightfall. Sure, you know you should be studying, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to summon the motivation to do it night after night. An accelerated in-person PMI-PBA Certification Boot Camp takes the temptation to postpone test prep off of the table and, instead, gives you space to immerse yourself in the materials. Our courses are designed to remove the distractions of your everyday life so you can fully focus your time and attention on the coursework and be exam-ready in less time than if you’d studied on your own

Our 4-day PMI-PBA Boot Camp gives you more than mere exposure to the fundamentals and concepts on the test. It provides a focused educational experience with a rigorous schedule. Throughout the course, you’ll talk through the concepts and situations with your instructor and peers so you can ground your learning and recall it when you need it.

Many an enthusiastic applicant has been struck down by the jargon-heavy style of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Interacting with an expert instructor who can translate the language into practical terms helps to ensure you grasp the content and lets you test your understanding. Studying with a group of your peers in a classroom environment can also help build and maintain your motivation for the exam. It’s easy to get distracted and lose focus when you’re alone at your desk with a book. Studying with others who share your goals can help keep you accountable and sustain or stimulate determination.

Your years of practical experience are the most valuable thing you bring to your role. Without them, you wouldn’t be qualified to sit for the PMI-PBA exam in the first place. Distilling what you know from doing into the foundations and principles on the PMI-PBA exam, however, can challenge even the most experienced project managers. Your PMI-PBA Certification Training Instructor will help you connect your experience to the exam materials, putting what you’ve learned on the job into context so you can apply it on the exam.

Your PMI-PBA Certified trainer is an expert project manager with in depth understanding of the training materials but also in exam readiness. Every student who enrolls in and completes the Certification Academy PMI-PBA Boot Camp receives one-on-one guidance from their trainer and an individualized learning plan based on their current proficiency and progress towards their education requirements.

How Difficult is it to Get PMI-PBA Certified?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) doesn’t try to hide the truth about the degree of difficulty required to pass PMI-PBA Certification exam: it’s a tough test, and many high-achieving project managers walk away from it with a failing score. They’re not failing because they didn’t care or didn’t see the value in preparing. It doesn’t matter how much time or effort you commit to exam prep: if you don’t know what to study, achieving a passing score is highly unlikely.

Generally accepted statistics hold that only about 50% of those who begin preparation for the PMI-PBA exam even take it. With a registration rate so significantly culled, you might expect that only the overwhelmingly prepared would ultimately sit for the exam and the pass rate would be very high. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The overall first time pass rate is right around 40%.

So why do so many experienced and successful project managers end up failing an exam in their area of (proven) expertise? For the same reason that some of the best guitarists of all time, including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, would fail an assessment of their music reading abilities. No list of the world’s best guitarists omits these men, yet none of them can read music.  Their talent and skills were honed with practice rather than instruction, as is often the case for project managers who reach the top of their field through on-the-job experience rather than classroom instruction.

You don’t do your job by reading a situational question and picking from among the available answers, so applying your real-world project management experience to the PMI-PBA exam can be a significant challenge. For experienced PM’s looking for a way to overcome this obstacle the 4-day intensive PMI-PBA Certification Boot Camp provides a practical, streamlined solution.

PMP Certification Frequently Asked Questions


How can do I apply to sit for the exam?

  • Candidates must complete an online application with the Project Management Institute (PMI). The application asks you to detail some of your work history and education. Once started, you have 90 days to complete it. It has an auto-save function so you can come back to it if you take a break from working on it. Once submitted, an employee of the Project Management Institute will review it.
  • Typically, it takes about 3-5 five business days to review your application. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail from PMI. In the email will be an eligibility code. You will need this code to pay for and schedule the second part of the PMP certification process: the exam.

How do I schedule a time to sit for the exam?

Once you are eligible to take the exam, the scheduling instructions received from PMI will instruct you to contact PearsonVUE, to select a date and location for taking the exam. The PMP exam is a computer-based exam and may be scheduled by applicants at any time available at any of the testing sites or online.

Scheduling the Exam
Once you have been approved by PMI and paid the PMP certification exam fee, you can schedule your exam with PearsonVUE. You will have one year from the time your application is approved to take the exam. You may take the exam up to 3 times during this eligibility period. You can find a complete list of testing locations on the PearsonVUE PMI page.

Sitting for the Exam
The PMP Exam is taken at a PearsonVUE test center or Online and is 180 questions with a 230 min (3 hr 50 min) time limit. The questions are broken down into 3 domains; People 42%, Process 50%, Business Environment 8%

Questions will be a combination of multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot and limited fill-in-the-blank. You will receive your results immediately.

How much does it cost to sit for the PMP exam?

  • The exam costs $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members. The annual fee for PMI membership is $139, so you reduce your cost if you become a member and then schedule your exam.

What if I have to cancel my test date after scheduling the exam?

  • You may reschedule or cancel your exam if done at least two full days prior to your exam date. However, canceling or rescheduling the exam within 30 days of a scheduled exam date will incur a rescheduling fee of $70. Be sure to confirm the cancellation/rescheduling guidelines with PearsonVUE when scheduling the exam.

How is the PMP exam administered?

  • The PMP exam is a psycho-metrically based, computer exam of 180 questions. The exam is offered by an independent testing company, PearsonVUE, and each exam question has one correct answer. You have just under four hours (230 minutes) to complete the exam. Many test-takers finish the exam with little time to spare. Each question has a level of difficulty assigned to it by PMI. The “mix” of difficult and easy questions determines how many questions you need to answer correctly. At the end of your exam you will receive your results immediately.
  • The scores are the following:
  • Overall: Pass/ Fail 
  • By Section:
    • Below Proficient
    • Moderately Proficient
    • Proficient
  • In addition to the overall pass/fail status, important diagnostic information on your performance is provided for each domain. This information provides specific guidance for both passing and failing candidates.
  • It is possible to receive a below proficient score in one area and still pass. However, you will need to offset that below proficient score with higher scores in other areas.

What study materials are needed to prepare for the exam?

    • We provide complete course materials to our students. Besides hundreds of pages of useful information, study aids, and references, students in our classes also receive a 90-day subscription to our online learning and simulation of the exam with over 1000 practice test questions.
    • It is estimated that approximately 70% of exam questions come directly from the PMBOK® Guide.  Students are encouraged to purchase the current edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge®, available at the PMI Bookstore or other retailers. PMI Members have access to a free e-copy of the PMBOK® Guide online that may be downloaded.
    • All the questions on the examination have been written and extensively reviewed by qualified PMP credential holders and tracked to at least two academic references. These questions are mapped against the PMP Examination Content Outline to ensure that an appropriate number of questions are in place for a valid examination.
    • Sample exam questions and suggested reading are also available on the PMI website.

How many hours of study time are necessary to pass the exam?

  • The exact amount of time varies depending on individual learning styles and comfort level. Generally, students should expect to spend around 20-40 hours studying in addition to the time spent in class. 

An exampla of a realistic, successful study plan:

  • Begin to Read the PMBOK® Guide
  • Read the Pre-Class Advance Reading Guide we provide when you register
  • Consider joining a study group for support
  • Attend all days of an instructor led learning class
  • Use our exam simulator to take a practice exams until your comfortable and scoring well.
  • If you consistently score above 80% on our practice exams, or when your instructor gives you the Green Light, you are ready to take the exam!

One Last Note…

We stand behind our course and methodology. We want you to take the PMI-PBA certification exam with the confidence and assurance that your investment in our PMI-PBA Boot Camp has paid off. Deciding to enroll in a 4-Day PMI-PBA Exam Prep class isn’t a decision you should make without having all of the information.If you can’t find the answers to your questions here, send us an email or give us a call. Our team is always happy to answer questions or provide additional information, whether you’re a student of ours or not. Take a look at the PMI-PBA FAQ’s page for more details and course dates.