Do you need Onsite or Group training?

We specialize in private group training– both face-to-face and virtually.

Do you have a number of employees needing training? We specialize in private group training– both onsite face-to-face and virtually. Our results-oriented project management training programs increase employee productivity and improve your organization’s ability to reduce costs and increase revenue and profitability. We will customize our training to meet your organization’s development needs and deliver it whenever and wherever you need it.

What We Offer

Whether your team is prepping for an exam, maintaining certification or seeking to understand the latest in PM best practices, our live classes and expert instructors can help your organization achieve its objectives. Let us know your training goals and we can help determine the right training plan for your group.

Providing in house group training for your employees is convenient, helps minimize interruption to your business, and it can provide significant savings by eliminating travel and lodging costs. Our corporate and group training programs allow you to choose a training schedule to suit your needs and timelines. We can modify the course content in the training to match the key principles or objectives of your particular project or business.

Custom Instruction

We assign our Instructors based on your organization’s profile and needs. We have the most experienced practitioners in the industry. 

Team Development

Focused team development training for corporate and non-profit organizations improves organization effectiveness and has been shown to have many positive benefits.

Course Methodology

An interactive hands-on classroom environment tied with a real-world and immediately applicable training experience.

Competitive Advantage

Employee Certification provides a valuable strategy to optimize your workforce.

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    “I knew I found the right place after the first phone call. The customer service and support I received from Certification Academy was timely and detailed. They always took the time to make sure I had my questions answered.

    John P.