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about the project management excellence center - pmec


Our team of experienced project management instructors are hand-selected based on their expertise, industry knowledge and commitment to customer success.  We understand how important it is for you to receive the proper education with long-lasting results. Through our carefully designed courses, you will be provided with all the necessary tools to set yourself up for success and make an impact on your career and your company. Our instructors specialize in adult learning methodologies and training in addition to being subject matter experts.  Whether you are looking to gain an advantage in the job market, learn new management processes, or become a subject matter expert, we have courses to fit every need.

Experienced Instructors

You will also be taught by seasoned project management instructors who understand how to set you up for success the first time around.


Thought Leadership

Throughout the course, you will learn how to successfully digest subject matter through our carefully formulated, step-by-step teaching methods. By emphasizing collaboration between you and the instructor, you will gain the confidence to implement these skills into your workflow without hesitation.


Lasting Results

98 percent of our students pass the exam the first time around. Gain insight and support from veteran instructors. Build your knowledge on current, project management best practices ahead of the curve. Set your company up for success with confidence.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your PMP certification training, or do not believe it has helped you progress, we’ve got you covered. With a 100% money-back guarantee, you can feel at ease knowing you are investing your time in the right place.


Meet Our Instructors

project management instructor

Nathan K., PMP

Sr. Instructor, PM
lynn kannen pmp


Instructor, Agile, PM

William C., MBB

Sr. Instructor, LSS


Sr. Instructor, Cybersecurity

Don S., PMP

Instructor, PM

Leah L. – CSMBB

Sr. Instructor, LSS


Instructor, PM, Agile

Laila B., PMP, ACP

Instructor, PM, Agile

See what our students say:

Nate was a great instructor and really made the material accessible. The boot camp provided a ton of information, but was not overwhelming. I definitely feel well prepared for the exam after this course  Courtney M.
My instructor did a good job of delivering the Project Management Professional course material. His personal insights were helpful to the class and kept the class focused on preparing for the PMP test.  Justin S.
Our Instructor kept us focused on the most important aspects of the program. He was very adept at helping students through the more complex techniques of the processes. I’m very pleased that I chose this course.  Thomas D.

I took your course and took the exam a month later and passed my first time out. I wanted to thank our instructor for making the course meaningful and practical. Great job! Jason D.

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