Six Sigma Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your program better or sets you apart?

Our program is an advanced methodology, blended learning format which offers the best of in class and distance learning. Our classroom portion is based on case studies, which will simulate the steps you would take in a real-life project. Our Experts Instructors, have decades of success using Six Sigma in virtually every industry and have been carefully selected, along with our use of content which has practical application, not just concepts. Since there is no overseeing body for Six Sigma, so you should obtain your certificate from a quality program, that ensures you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle the demands and expectations of Six Sigma Certification.

What determines when and how I obtain my certification?

Our Six Sigma Certification process occurs in two steps. The first involves a belt candidate completing the coursework and passing the final examination. After this, the student is granted a Training and Examination certificate. The second step involves the student completing a project in his or her organization or with the use of a mock project. The project must be submitted for review to the Master Black Belt team . Once the review is complete, the student becomes a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt.

What type of work experience are required for Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt?

There is no specific work experience or number of years required to take the Six Sigma Green Belt or Six Sigma Black Belt Programs. Six Sigma methodologies strive to eliminate defects in processes that lead to customer dissatisfaction. These basic principles allow Six Sigma professionals to work in a variety of industries including (but not limited to) business, manufacturing, or even healthcare.

Is this certification the same as ASQ Certification?

Our course curriculum is based largely on the same topics as ASQ; however, it is not an ASQ certification. ASQ is a professional association focused on quality in all fields, but is not the official overseeing body for Six Sigma. At this time, there is no official overseeing body for Six Sigma.

I have a Six Sigma Green Belt certification from another institution. Can I enroll in your Six Sigma Black Belt program?

Yes. Our curriculum will evaluate and account for your current knowledge and experience when moving into the Black Belt Certification Program.