There are three entities that you need to be aware of for the PMP exam. These are the Project Expediter, the Project Coordinator, and the Project Manager. The terms are not interchangeable, however each role may perform some of the same functions.

The terms Project Coordinator and Project Expediter are associated with a weak matrix organization. This organization gives more power and authority to the functional managers and less power and authority to the project manager, or project management roles.

Project Expediter

The Project Expediter has the least authority of any of the three project management functional roles. This person has responsibilities as staff assistant, who will coordinate communication, facilitate meetings, and follow up on assignments. This role, however, has no authority to make and enforce decisions.

Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator performs the same functions as the Project Expediter, but the Project Coordinator has more authority, and is more involved in the decision making process. The Project Coordinator may also report to a higher authority.

Project Manager

The Project Manger, however, is in charge of the project. He has full authority to direct and execute the project. The Project Manager makes project decisions and has the ultimate responsibility for the state of the project. The difference between the three functions comes down to authority and responsibility.

The terminology used on the PMI PMP Certification Exam include a lot of PMI jargon, those are the things that PMI stresses and the terms that have specific PMI meanings. Although there are a number of Project Management books of terms, not all of them define things the way the the PMI does.

Make sure and get the most out of your study time by concentrating on what the PMI deems important. The PMP certification will provide you with the credential to get your career on track. Now is the time to do something about it and get the training that you need.

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