Welcome to your PMP Certification Exam Sample Quiz. This exam has 25 questions.


Which statement is true regarding the initiating process group?


When work on the first phase of the project has finished, what should the project manager ensure as part of closing before beginning the next phase?

The method of examining work or a product to determine whether it conforms to documented standards is called:
As a project manager and member of the PMO (Project Management Office), you want to present a snapshot of the status of various current projects in the organization to senior management. Which of the following charts would be most suitable for the purpose?
As a project manager, you have been asked by the customer to give an overview of the project status using milestone charts. Which of the following statements is incorrect about milestone charts?
You are managing an infrastructure project which is nearing completion when a major stakeholder points out a flaw in the design which could make the entire structure weak. He suggests you construct two support pillars which would provide the necessary support. You are worried that this change could impact the schedule and cost of the project significantly. What is your best response to the stakeholder?
Project performance reviews using earned value management would typically incorporate information from all of the following except:
As a project manager you realize that the initial budget cost, Budget at Completion (BAC), for your project is no longer viable. You need to develop a new Estimate at Completion (EAC) forecast assuming current variances would continue in the future. Which formula should you use for calculating EAC?
Your project team has completed the project work. All of the following must be done before the project can be closed except:
Which one of the following is the last step of project closing?
What are the two closing procedures when closing a project or phase?
As you develop your project closeout documents, you begin to review the project deliverables and develop your checklist of project requirements. You can typically find the requirements for formal close procurement in which of the following?
You are examining problems and constraints that have arisen in your project, and are identifying those activities that have not been productive. In doing so, you have also used root cause analysis. Which of the following is true?
A project manager is in the process of identifying the likely stakeholders on a project and their interests in the project. Which process group is the project manager working on?
Which of the following would be considered the ability to give bonuses or additional time off?
A few days prior to a team member performing a non-critical path activity, you are informed by the sponsor, via a change request, that they want the activity start delayed by 48 hours. What should the project manager do first?
Raw material costs and direct man-power costs are examples of:
A key project stakeholder sends a letter to the sponsor demanding the project be halted until his requirements, listed in the project requirements documentation, receives higher priority. Of the following actions, which one did the project manager probably fail to do?
Project management is the application of knowledge, skills,tools and techniques to manage activities to meet the project requirements. Which of the following is not true about managing a project?
One of your key stakeholders has sent you an urgent email asking for information regarding the project’s progress, and you must now set aside some time to respond to this unexpected request. Whichof the following best describes this situation?
All of the following are functions of the Project Management Office except:
Of the following, which option is the truest?
Your development team is waiting for the design team to finish their work. As a project manager, you have decided to use this approach to reduce uncertainty in the project. Which of the following relationships does this describe?
As a project manager you are estimating the duration of your project activities using PERT technique (Program Evaluation and Review Technique). For a particular project activity, your optimistic estimate is 41 days, pessimistic estimate is 89 days, and most likely estimate is 60 days. What would be the expected duration and range of the estimate for this activity?
A project activity has the following values for the earliest and latest it can start and earliest and latest it can be completed. An activity's Late Start (LS) is day 5 and Late Finish is (LF) day 10. Similarly Early Start (ES) is day 3 and Early finish (EF) is day 8. What is the float of this activity?