Our Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training in San Diego provides all of the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage Six Sigma projects. Obtaining your Six Sigma certification is one of the best investments you can make in your career.  Green Belts participate in and lead Six Sigma projects from within their regular job function. They can tackle projects as part of a cross functional team or projects assigned within their normal job. Where many other Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training programs are intended for only manufacturing operations, our program offers that can be applied in a wide variety of industries such as healthcare, financial services, and insurance. Our Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training is aligned to meet all third party certification requirements.  There are no prerequisites required for this course.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training San Diego

Here are a few of the benefits you will receive in our Six Sigma Green Belt class:

Green Belt Class Objectives:

  • Understand Six Sigma methodology
  • Ability to apply the tools in the DMAIC phases
  • Lead and direct process improvement projects
  • Eliminate waste and defects
  • Collect, analyze, and quantify data
  • Define process metrics and set up systems
  • Analyze measurement data and results

Green Belt Course Objectives:

  • Course Workbook and Handouts
  • Lunch and afternoon snacks provided
  • Enjoyable educational atmosphere
  • Fun, entertaining and informative exercises
  • Six Sigma tool Templates
  • Six Sigma Study Guide and practice exams
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Course Certificate

Why choose us for your Six Sigma Certification Training?

Our San Diego Six Sigma Certification Training is an accelerated, guaranteed path to achieving certification. We blend proven learning concepts with simple memorization techniques to make sure you are able to keep the vast amount of information we cover organized and memorable. Students who wish to continue their development and attend a Six Sigma Black Belt training course in San Diego may use the credit hours from this course towards earning their Black Belt Certification.

Here are a few more key reasons to join our class.

  1. Experience: We have the largest team of veteran instructors across the US. Our curriculum uses proven adult learning concepts, such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and Knowles’ Theory of Andragogy, for maximum learner engagement and motivation.
  2. Thought leadership: Our Courses have been uniquely developed to ensure a high degree of correlation between the subject matter and the proficiency examinations. Our Courses use problem-based and collaborative approaches to learning. We emphasize more equality and connection between the instructor and learner.
  3. Proven Results: Our Six Sigma Training Program gets you ready Faster, Better and with More Support along the way.
  4. Firm Course Dates: When you register for one of our classes, you are guaranteed it will run as scheduled. You can focus on your training and certification, and not worry about cancellations or delays.
  5. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: We know your Six Sigma training is an important milestone in your career. We understand the value you place in spending your time and money wisely. That’s why we back up all of our courses with a 100% money-back guarantee.
Accelerated Green Belt Format

Here’s What our Students Say About Us:

Our Instructor kept us focused on the most important aspects of the Six Sigma program. He was very adept at helping students through the more difficult aspects of the program. I’m very pleased that I chose this course. 
- Thomas D.

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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification San Diego

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Six Sigma Green Belt Training Location

Our courses are located at convenient, professional training facilities.

San Diego

San Diego PMP ClassOur training facility is situated in West Downtown San Diego at the intersection of West Broadway, India Street and Columbia, three of the most recognized streets in the Downtown area. Restaurants and entertainment can be found just a short walk away in the Galamp District and Petco Park. The business center is just a few steps away from the Amtrak Station and San Diego Trolley Station.

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