Here are PMI-ACP Certification FAQs below to help you get started:

What is the PMI-ACP Certification Examination?
What are the education or work experience requirements needed?
What is the cost of the PMI-ACP exam?
How many hours of study time are necessary to pass the exam?
What study materials are needed to prepare for the exam?
How many questions are asked in the PMI-ACP exam?
How can candidates apply to sit for the exam?
How long does it take for PMI to process the application?
How do candidates schedule time to sit for the exam?
What if a I have to cancel after scheduling the exam?
What if I do not pass the exam?
What if I need to retake the PMI-ACP Certification Preparation class?
What is the cost to retake the exam?
What is Your 100% Guarantee To Pass?