PMI-ACP Certification FAQs

Here are PMI-ACP Certification FAQs below to help you get started:

The PMI-ACP examination is comprised of 150 mutually-exclusive, four-option, multiple-choice questions. The exam is designed to test for an understanding of how to apply project management practices to achieve project objectives.

What are the education or work experience requirements needed?

Candidates must complete the verification section of the online application to apply to take the PMI-ACP Exam.

PMI Agile Certification Requirements

In order to apply for the PMI-ACP, you must meet the following requirements:



General Project Experience
  • 2,000 hours working on project teams within the last 5 years
  • An active PMP® or PgMP® will satisfy this requirement
Agile Project Experience
  • 1500 hours working on agile project teams or with agile methodologies in addition to the 2,000 hours required in “general project experience”
  • Hours must be within the last 3 years
Training in Agile Practices
  • 21 contact hours of Agile education
  • Pass exam testing knowledge of agile
  • Cost for PMI members is $435.
  • Cost for nonmembers is $495.

The cost for PMI membership is $129/year, plus a $10 application fee. Membership in a local PMI chapter is an additional fee which varies by chapter. Check the PMI website,, for the chapter fees.

How many hours of study time are necessary to pass the exam?

The exact amount of time varies depending on individual learning styles and comfort level. Generally students should expect to spend around 10-20 hours studying in addition to the time spent in the PMI-ACP Certification Exam Prep Boot Camp class.

We provide complete course materials to our PMI-ACP Certification Preparation students. We provide hundreds of pages of useful information, study aids, and references, students in our classes also receive simulated PMI-ACP practice exams with over 200 practice test questions. Students are encouraged to purchase the current edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge®, and the Agile Practice Guide available at the PMI Bookstore or other retailers. PMI Members have access to a free e-copy of the PMBOK® Guide online that may be downloaded.

Sample exam questions and suggested reading are also available on the PMI web site.

How many questions are asked in the PMI-ACP exam?

The PMI-ACP examination is comprised of 100 mutually-exclusive, four-option, multiple-choice questions.

How can candidates apply to sit for the exam?

Candidates must complete an application. Candidates are encouraged to apply online at Once started, the application may not be cancelled but may be saved unfinished. It will remain open for 90 days.

How long does it take for PMI to process the application?

Online applications are typically processed within five business days. Individual applications submitted by mail take approximately 10 business days. Corporate applications submitted by mail take 20 business days.

Once the application and fee have been processed, PMI will electronically send the Examination Scheduling Instructions, confirming that the applicant is eligible to take the exam.

Eligibility is good for one year from the day that the application was approved. The exam may be taken three times within the eligibility period should applicants not pass on the first attempt.

How do candidates schedule time to sit for the exam?

Once eligible to take the exam, the examination scheduling instructions received from PMI will instruct the applicant to contact PearsonVUE to select a date and location for taking the exam. The PMI-ACP exam is a computer-based exam and may be scheduled by applicants at any time available at any of the Prometric sites.

Information about site locations and scheduling may be found at PearsonVUE’s website. Select the “Professional Licensure and Certification” for test type and “Project Management Institute” for testing program.

What if a I have to cancel after scheduling the exam?

You may reschedule or cancel your exam if done at least two full days prior to your exam date. However, canceling or rescheduling the exam within 30 days of a scheduled exam date will incur a rescheduling fee. Be sure to confirm the cancellation/rescheduling guidelines with Prometric when scheduling the exam.

What if I do not pass the exam?

Candidates who do not pass the exam may retake the exam two more times for a total of three times within one year of application approval. If candidates are not able to pass the PMI-ACP certification exam within their one-year eligibility period, they must wait one year from the date of the last attempt to re-apply for the PMI-ACP credential. Applicants who chose to apply for a different PMI credential, such as the CAPM, may do so at any time.

What if I need to retake the PMI-ACP Certification Preparation class?

We are committed to helping you pass the PMI-ACP Certification exam the first time. If you take one of our public PMI-ACP Certification Prep classes and don’t pass the exam, or if you were unable to take the exam after attending a class for some reason and need to retake the class as a refresher, you may register for an upcoming public PMI-ACP Certification Prep class free of charge. If you wish to take the class again because you did not pas the exam, we will first review your exam results and to to determine if tutoring is a better option for you.

Students retaking the class must bring their original course materials. If you have lost your course materials, or if the course version has changed since you last took the class, you can purchase new course materials for only $150.

What is the cost to retake the exam?

  • Cost for PMI members, $150.
  • Cost for nonmembers, $200.

What is Your 100% Guarantee To Pass?

If you follow our instructions, and attend all days of class, We Guarantee you will pass your exam. Simple, straightforward, no hoops to jump through. If you fail the exam 3 times, we will refund your tuition.