Internships are an employment situation in which a student works for free, or fir minor compensation, in order to gain hands-on experience. Internships can offer very rewarding and valuable work experience. Many internships will allow you to develop your skills and while enhancing your resume and making you more marketable. Most importantly, they help you land a job after college.

But internships can also help you throughout your college career. Here are a number of things internships help you do:

Develop New Skills

Internships can also help you diversify your background and experience. While it’s good to have an area of strength – a focus for your career – more diverse skills in a variety of fields can make you more marketable to a potential employee.

This type of internship is especially important for liberal arts majors. Adding some practical job skills to your academic expertise makes you a much better candidate for any job.

In many cases the path to a career is hindered for new graduates as employers seek existing experience. A lack of experience in project management, for instance, prohibits pursuing the prestigious Project Management Professional Certification (PMP), but you can still qualify for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and then work your way up as you gain more experience.

Get Your Foot in the Door

For most competitive careers, like technology, medicine, journalism or theater, internships are essential. In todays crowded job market, an internship provides:

  • Experience. Studying a major is important; being able to apply that knowledge to “real world” situations is critical. In an internship, you learn to back up your classroom learning with hands on action.
  • Contacts. Working with professionals in the field you are interested in allows you begin to create a network that can offer references, advice and information about new job opportunities.
  • A future job. Many companies use their internship programs to supplement their recruitment efforts. Working with interns gives them the chance to try out students before employing them. If the intern shows they are motivated, and ambitious, the company may make a permanent job offer.

Internships for High School & College Students

You can apply year-round and we’ll review them on an ad-hoc basis. You do have to be in the United States, though, or be able to commute to our offices here.

Our internship program includes these positions:

  • Art
  • Technical/Game Programming
  • Game Design
  • Social Media/Marketing

Students, looking for a fun and intense experience where you can gain experience in the professional world and learn from some of the most talented individuals around. Think about your future and think of us.